Advertising is a business of words. A good copy writer knows that the difference of just one word in a headline can make or break a campaign. Touch the right nerve with your subject line and your prospect reads your email or letter. Once inside, your copy should be interesting enough to take your reader all the way to your call-to-action. Write an insipid, unemotional first paragraph and your message goes in the trash along with thousands of others.

Copywriting is as much science as art when it comes to selecting phrases and descriptions to promote your product or service, which is why a good copy writer will agonize over just the right word.

Successful Copywriting Requires Detailed Research

Without understanding how your product or service helps your clients, a copy writer cannot write successfully for you. They must thoroughly understand who your prospects are in order to write directly to them. A good copy writer understands why your prospect wants and needs your offer to connect on an emotional level. It is only after detailed research that your copy writer will know how to write for you.

You Can’t Sell If They Don’t Know Where to Buy

Every word written for your business should have one goal and that is to sell your product or service. Anything less is a waste of your time and money. Every webpage, email, blog post or tweet must point to a call-to-action, a “buy now” button or sign up form, so your prospect can buy while your offer is in front of them. You must take your prospect by the hand and lead them there. Even in printed material you should have at least three ways for a prospect to contact you right now.

Grovers Copywriting, a Copy Writing Service Who Cares About Your Sales

When we become your copywriter, our personal pledge is to provide compelling copy that generates sales and increases opt-ins for your business. Growing the company, attracting new business is what good copy helps you achieve. We use time honored proven copy writing techniques to excite people to do business with you.

Superior Copy Writing Comes From Listening

We listen! Listening is one of the most important research tools a copy writer has. When you hire a copywriter, you want someone that understands who you are, what you want to achieve and who your prospects are in order to write effective material for you. At Grovers Copywriting we write for you, but more importantly, we write to your prospects. We listen to them (forums, etc.) and try to understand their thoughts and emotions so the copy, which we create, will guide your prospects to your call-to-action.

What Sets Grovers Copywriting Writers Apart?

Grovers Copywriting is a copy writing service comprised of a talented husband and wife team. I am Bill Grover, a copywriter who is concurrently still cooking professionally after 38 years. My wife, Norlela, (pronounced Norela) has over 36 years of office management, customer service and marketing operations experience. Together we have a unique perspective on your copy that no individual copy writer has. With our blend of skills and different backgrounds we are better able to understand the wants and needs of your prospects, then write to those needs filling them with your product or service.

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed with “Service After the Sale”

We always deliver on time and within budget. Your satisfaction is guaranteed because we stand behind the quality our writing and offer free revisions for up to 15 days after final delivery.

How Can We Help You?

We are determined to help you succeed and we will!

When your company needs error-free sales copy that gets your customers ready to buy, we write:

  • Web Content
  • VSL & Radio Scripts
  • Emails and Autoresponder Series
  • Direct Response Mail
  • Landing Pages
  • Brochures
  • Blog Posts
  • Newsletter
  • SEO Articles
  • White Papers

Read Our Samples!

You can view some samples of our writings and style on our Samples of Our Work. If the type of writing sample you are looking for is not here, please inquire at groverscopywriting.

How May We Assist You Generating Sales and Making Money?

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