VSL and Radio Scripts

Sales Video Script – Real Estate (2 minutes video)

Welcome to XYZ’s International Realty. Let us show you how to sell your luxury home quickly, and at the highest possible price in today’s market, using global exposure.

XYZ’s International Realty offers you this unique opportunity to highlight your exclusive property, using innovative technology, to generate maximum exposure and interest to qualified buyers locally and around the world.

We will produce a powerful movie quality video that will display the true worth of your home, building value and highlighting important features that are most appealing to homebuyers.

We will then create a custom website for your home, using new 3-D Tour technology that allows the buyer to experience an interactive and virtual walk-through of your home. It is as if they are standing in your home, seeing everything in vivid detail, yet completely online. This immersive virtual tour greatly reduces the disruptions of physical tours because only the seriously interested buyers will schedule a visit.

XYZ’s International Realty understands that the international market is the strongest and fastest growing sector in the real estate industry today. We will also promote your home and 3-D Tour, worldwide, on all of our available media platforms, such as YouTube, social media as well as the traditional print sources.

As 90% of homebuyers start their search online, this virtual and 3-D video is essential to display your home’s distinctive amenities, uniqueness, high quality and value. This virtual experience provides the international buyer with the familiarity necessary to develop the confidence to commit to an off-site purchase.

Take advantage of our technology and innovation to get the best price for your home. The sterling reputation of XYZ’s International Realty as the purveyor of luxury properties, and our global sales network will market your home quickly.

Our representative is ready assist you right away. Let us show your home to the world today.


Radio Ads – Trusted HomeBuyers

30 Second Spot 1

Can’t sell your home because it needs repairs? We say SOLD! Hi! We are Trusted Homebuyers and we guarantee to buy your home as is. Our Exclusive 3-Point Guaranteed Offer System can get you out of your home fast, with no commissions or fees. Trusted Because Buying Your Home is guaranteed. Call Trusted Homebuyers today for a no obligation offer. Call 443-214-2400. That’s 443-214-2400 or visit us at trustedbuyers.com

30 Second Spot 2

When you need to sell your home, TODAY, Trusted Homebuyers will buy your home in 5 to 7 days with our exclusive 3-point Guaranteed Offer System. It’s as easy as a call, our evaluation, and a guaranteed offer. Trusted Homebuyers is the number one name to call in Maryland, And there are no fees and no commissions. Trusted Because Buying Your Home is Guaranteed!

For a no obligation offer, call Trusted Homebuyers at 443-214-2400. That’s 443-214-2400. Or visit us at www.Trustedbuyers.com

 30 Second Spot 2A

When you need to sell your home, TODAY, Trusted Homebuyers will buy your home in 5 to 7 days with our exclusive 3-point Guaranteed Offer System. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. Trusted Homebuyers is the number one home buying company in Maryland, Trusted Because Buying Your Home is Guaranteed, with no fees and no commissions.

For a no obligation offer, call Trusted Homebuyers at 443-214-2400. Or visit us at Trustedbuyers.com

60 Second Spot 1 – (Phone Conversation)

Sue: Hi Brenda,

Brenda: Hello Sue,

Sue: Did you hear about Steven? He sold his house within a week.

Brenda: WOW! How did he do that?

Sue: It turns out Trusted Homebuyers, the largest home buying company in Maryland helped him. He said their 3-Point Guaranteed Offer System worked. Trusted Homebuyers bought his house in seven days. He even got some cash out of that deal. The best part of all, he didn’t have to pay any commission or fees.

Brenda: Hmm.. Steven’s house was not in good shape, it needed some repairs.

Sue: That’s the crazy part, Trusted Homebuyers bought the house as-is and they also disposed of all his old unwanted belongings.

Brenda: What was their name again?

Sue: Trusted Homebuyers, their number is 443-214-2400. Did you get that Brenda?

Brenda: Let me write it down. 443-214-2400 Trusted Homebuyers. Thanks Sue.

Announcer: Trusted Homebuyers, Trusted Because Buying Your Home is Guaranteed. Call 443-214-2400 for your no obligation offer. Or visit Trustedbuyers.com

60 Second Spot 2

Are you stuck with a home you can’t sell? Do you need to sell right away? Trusted Homebuyers personally guarantees to buy your home.

Trusted Homebuyers is the only home buying company in Maryland with the exclusive 3-point Guaranteed Offer System.

Step one; you simply call us at 443-214-2400.

Step two, we will come to your home and evaluate your property.

And step three; we will give you a guaranteed offer on your home.

If you agree, we can settle fast, and Trusted Homebuyers will buy your house as-is so you don’t need to do ANY repairs! We buy houses in any area, any price, and any situation! When you sell to Trusted Homebuyers you don’t pay commissions or fees.  Trusted Because Buying Your Home is Guaranteed. Let us buy your home today. For your no obligation offer, Call 443-214-2400 That’s 443-214-2400 or visit us at trustedbuyers.com!


VSL Script – Canadian Debt Relief Program (10 Minutes)

How to Settle Your Debt and Avoid Bankruptcy  

You are watching this because you have a major debt problem.
You pay something each month but the interest is too high and the debt keeps growing.
The bills keep coming, the debt keeps mounting and the debt collectors keep calling.
It is affecting your work and your family.
Are you restless and tired at work from lack of sleep thinking about your problems? Are collectors harassing you there too?
Maybe you can no longer associate with your friends because you don’t have money to go out.
Perhaps your kids can no longer participate in the things the other kids are doing because you don’t have the money anymore.
If you continue to ignore the issue then you will fall into bankruptcy, your credit will be ruined for years and you will have failed completely.

But there is still hope.
Let me introduce you to Bill and Kathy, a married couple with two kids.
They had accumulated massive debt with a mortgage payment, cell phone bills, 3 credit cards maxed out and a line of credit they used to juggle the debt payments each month.
On top of that there was a car payment and two more store credit cards and let’s not forget the monthly utilities, gas for the car and food for everyone including the pets.
After months of juggling everything to make ends meet they realized that they’re simply going in circles, spiraling downward with minimum payment after minimum payment, with no real progress to show for it.

Does this sound familiar?
Are you trapped, in a never-ending circle of living paycheck to paycheck to make ends meet?
Is your financial future hopeless and on a collision course with a bankruptcy court?
Well, you are not alone. In 2013, 118,000 Canadians filed for personal bankruptcy and it’s only getting worse.

Reports show that almost 75% of all owe more than $15,000…
But, what if we told you that there is a way out?
…a way out of debt without bankruptcy…
…a less painful option with minimal impact on your credit score, your family and job…
…a way to avoid complete financial failure.

The way out is a little known Canadian Debt Relief Program called a Consumer Proposal.

What is a consumer proposal?

A consumer proposal is a legally binding, negotiated settlement made between you and the people you owe money to. You must meet certain requirement s to qualify.

A consumer proposal is a federal Canadian program that is an alternative to bankruptcy designed to help YOU reduce the amount of money you owe to creditors and get out of debt legally. In a typical debt proposal you would make a single monthly payment, far less than you pay now, over a period of no more than 5 years.

Not everyone can help you with a consumer proposal. A consumer proposal administrator is someone who is licensed by the Federal Government, as a bankruptcy trustee. The trustee will work with you to develop a proposal which is an offer to pay all creditors a percentage of what is owed to them, or extend the time you have to pay off the debts, or both.

There are Six Ways a Consumer Proposal Help You

  • You can negotiate to pay only a portion of the debt you owe
  • The interest charges on your debts stop immediately
  • Collection calls from your creditors will STOP
  • All legal action and claims against you are STOPPED
  • You can keep ALL of your assets including your home, savings and your car.
  • A Consumer Proposal is less damaging to your credit than filing for bankruptcy

Let’s look at Bill & Kathy’s situation.

Bill & Kathy owed $40,000 worth of credit card and other debt:

  • 3 Credit Cards $20,000
  • 1 line-of-credit $12,000
  • 2 Department Store Cards $6,000
  • Cell Phone Bills $2,000

Trying to refinance the amount, they applied for a consolidation loan but the bank denied them because the debt load was too high.

Bill is a firefighter and makes just over $3,200 a month after tax. He has $10,000 in a tax free savings account and $5,000 in RRSP’s. They pay about $1,016 per month on the debt that keeps going up due to high interest rates.

A debt consolidation loan would have reduced the monthly payment down to $890, with Credit Counseling maybe $667 or possibly a debt settlement of around $484 per month. However, with a Consumer Proposal, Bill and Kathy were able to negotiate a monthly payment of only $300 a month for 5 years. At the end of that time they will be debt free and still keep their belongings and lifestyle.

By deciding to meet with a professional trustee, Bill & Kathy’s options were presented to them and they decided to file a consumer proposal. They were able to keep all of their assets, maintain their savings and immediately stopped all of the harassing collection calls.

All of their credit card and bank interest was immediately halted. They got their life back with the help of a licensed consumer proposal administrator.

Are you ready to turn your debt problems around and get your life back?

  • Immediately stop harassing creditor phone calls
  • Wipe out interest payments
  • Reduce your debt by as much as 70%
  • Keep your lifestyle while paying
  • Debt free in 60 months or less
  • No bankruptcy
  • Stop worrying everyday about paying the bills

For a Limited Time You Can Download a FREE Consumer Proposal Guide which will show you:

  • Why a consumer Proposal is Better than Bankruptcy
  • How to deal with your creditors
  • How it works: a Step by Step Process
  • How to file
  • If you are accepted or not

If you owe more than $10,000 and are having trouble making your monthly payments, a consumer proposal can help. Take the next step to becoming debt free; download our Free Consumer Proposal Guide.

You will get all the information you need to see if you qualify. You will also find out how to schedule a free consultation with one of our consumer proposal administrators.

So don’t delay! Stop the phone calls! Get your life back!

Protect your family and assets to build a foundation for your future. Download our Free Consumer Proposal Guide right now.

For those who are ready to schedule a call, visit the link below to schedule your free 30min phone consultation with a licensed proposal administrator www. Sample.com

Take charge of your debts and get your life back today!